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Optimal utilization of mechanical circulatory support and transplant resources in the comprehensive treatment of terminal heart failure

Lucija Svetina, Mate Petričević, Bojan Biočina
Department of Cardiac Surgery, University Hospital Center Zagreb, School of Medicine University of Zagreb

Treatment of end-stage heart failure has reached new frontiers. With a scarce availability of hearts, mechanical circulatory support (MCS) has become an integral part of end-stage heart failure treatment and has improved survival. A variety of devices may be instituted either for short or long term support in different clinical indications, such as postcardiotomy circulatory failure, acute cardiogenic shock, chronic heart failure in patients not eligible for a transplant to heart transplant deterioration. Permanent or temporary MCS has emerged as an indispensible treatment for advanced stage heart failure alongside established standard medical procedures. Herein we report brief narrative review of MCS devices used for end-stage heart failure.

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